Thursday nightcap

Silly Snowflake gets charged, cuffed & arrested after stealing Pro-Life sign

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Tech Thursday

Tommy Robinson interview full hour

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We covered a lot of topics, including:
• Tommy’s thoughts on the latest left-wing tactic of throwing milkshakes at politicians
• How and when Tommy decided to run for office
• Tommy’s biggest regret of the campaign
• Tommy’s favourite part of the campaign
• How police have (mis)treated him
• Why he thinks working-class Brits should become politically active
• And what his main focus will be, if he wins the election
It’s a serious interview but with a few laughs, too.
I hope a lot of people watch this interview with Tommy — because it’s a different side to him than what is portrayed by the hateful mainstream media. 

Rebel Media

Jacinda’s hero ‘fixing’ the media

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How long before Jacinda follows in his footsteps?

Daily roundup

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Today in rock history

Today in Rock History is a music orientated segment where we would like to encourage readers to share their thoughts and tastes in music and discus the various aspects of any music topic. This post is not limited to? rock music. You are encouraged to bring anything music related along that you would like to share, either by typing the name of a song and artist into the comments section or by sharing a youtube, vimeo, spotify or soundcloud link. If you are unsure how to add a link, simply write the name of the song and the composer and someone may very well do it for you.

Music is a huge part of peoples lives even if we aren’t all music enthusiasts. Music is all around us in advertising, background noise in shops and on the streets. It’s inescapable when you have teenagers but for most of us it is a huge part (if not a ritual) of our lives that we feel close to.

So kick back and enjoy Nechtan’s Today in Rock History playlist and see what new gems you discover.

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1946, Danny Klein bassist with the J Geils Band.

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ACT wants you to support freedom of speech

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

Ruwan Premathilaka
ACT New Zealand President

This week, the full spectrum of the establishment has attacked David for standing up for freedom of speech.  As the President of the Party, I’m calling on you to rally behind ACT.  I’m asking you to donate to the party, and attend ReACT, effectively the beginning of our 2020 campaign.

Everyone’s piled in.  The National Party’s position has been that being nice to people who threaten freedom of speech is more important than defending freedom of speech.

The Green Party and the media have tried to say it’s David fault that radical nutcases are threatening an MP because he said someone who wants speech regulated is a menace to freedom.

Yesterday morning, the Speaker of Parliament piled in, calling Seymour a bully.  The Speaker is supposed to be Parliament’s neutral referee.

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Tweet of the day

This is the clash of cultures that feminists fail to grasp. In his mind what he did was acceptable.