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A Stuff morning quiz had some very interesting body parts for readers to choose from.

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To resist the frigidity of old age one must combine the body, the mind and the heart – and to keep them in parallel vigour one must exercise, study and love.

Karl von Bonstetten

This piece of wisdom was brought to you by The Whale Meat Company.

Don’t Hold Back, Samoa, Tell Us What You Really Think

The media in Samoa have not been infected with the PC virus that our NZ media have. Reading their take on Hubbard winning gold against a Samoan weight lifter was hilarious if only for its refreshing honesty.

Hubbard moment the biggest and most blatant injustice in Samoa XVI Pacific Games

The truth is this. We just cannot stop thinking about Feagaiga Stowers.
Having been chosen as Samoa’s flag bearer, this Pacific Games was supposed to have been her moment.
This is a young woman who has had to endure tremendous difficulties in her childhood, […] It’s an incredible story.
Indeed, Stowers meteoric rise has proven there is hope for everyone. And she’s done everything possible to be on top of her game, where she deserves to be.
This was until she stepped up on the weightlifting platform on Saturday where her hopes of clinching a Pacific Games gold – and that of a proud nation – were crushed by a fellow competitor, Laurel Hubbard.
The most heartbreaking part of this story is that her kiwi competitor is someone who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Hubbard had represented New Zealand as Gavin Hubbard in international competitions.

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Map of the Day: Latin American governments by political leaning

Latin American governments by political leaning. (Source:
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It Is Going to Get Very Ugly

According to police, Van Spronsen, 69, was armed with a rifle and an incendiary device when he approached the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington on Saturday and started hurling “lit objects” at cars in the parking lot, setting one vehicle alight.

The authorities believe that his ultimate goal was to set fire to a propane tank, a stunt that could have resulted in “the mass murder of staff and detainees” inside the facility, Shawn Fallah of the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, told the Washington Post after the incident.

If you want read how this attack was reported in the NZ media just put this in Google:

Fancy that! Not a peep about a left-wing terrorist who left a manifesto, set off on a killing spree and suggested others also make illegal ‘ghost’ guns. Fortunately, he failed.

But he has his hero-worshippers in the US.

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They Don’t Call Him ‘Mr Wang’ for Nothing

In the mostly unfairly-forgotten 1990 comedy Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, Peter Falk is brilliant as the titular scriptwriter for a local radio station, in the heyday of radio drama. Falk’s character has an unusual quirk: a rabid hatred of Albanians, whom he regularly inserts into his scripts as knuckle-dragging savages with an unhealthy proclivity for animals. In one scene, a horrified policeman catches an Albanian in flagrante delicto with a German Shepherd. “Is old Albanian custom to love animals in such a way”, explains the sleazy Albanian.

Certain, shall we say, ‘multicultural’ types are turning to similar excuses – and judges are buying it.

A 79-year-old Chinese man who tweaked a toddler’s penis in a recreation centre changing room has avoided conviction because the practice is seen as an acceptable sign of affection in China.

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Poll: Racism

View from Your Window

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I Declare a Beer Shortage Emergency!

Ever since the selection of the CoL, New Zealand’s population has suffered a blitzkrieg of the IPCC climate change farce.  There is absolutely no scientific proof of this anthropogenic global warming alarmist hypothesis that calls for a “Climate Emergency”, yet we are told again and again: “the debate is over” and “the science is settled”. Because we are not allowed further debate, it means that in this case ‘science’ has become ideology.

Prior to our Little Ice Age during the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings colonised Greenland and Newfoundland, when it was warmer than it is today. It was also warmer during Roman times, long before fossil fuels revolutionised civilisation.

We are continually told that CO2 is a “toxic pollutant” that must be curtailed when in fact it is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas, present at 400 parts per million of the global atmosphere, and is the most important food for life on earth. Without CO2 above 150 parts per million, all plants would die and so would most animals on earth, including humans.

At 400 parts per million our food crops, forests, and natural ecosystems are apparently still on a starvation diet for CO2. One wing of the scientific community promotes the IPCC “Climate Change CO2 warming” danger line. Other scientists and researchers promote the positive impact of the small increase in CO2 over the past 50 years, because apparently increased CO2 means that plants don’t need as much water, so our deserts can become lusher.

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