And the flip flops continue…

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The Government has backed down over plans to increase public access to waterways, saying there is “too much conflict” to introduce the legislation now.

Just six weeks ago, they would have rammed this through, saying “We know best, farmers are just greedy rich prats”….just two weeks ago Sutton was doing just this to the farmers protest outside Parliament…..and now on the receiving end of a hiding in the polls, Labour starts to listen.


New Zealanders are sick and tired of your Pious Socialist Rantings.

Too make matters worse “the Government has agreed in principle to pay compensation for “demonstrable loss of value” for any private land used to open up access to the coast, rivers and lakes”

How come they didn’t do that over carbon credits from trees and forests that farmers and landowners have, they just stole those, no compensation, no nothing……..well they were ahead in the polls then and could do anything.