The flip flops, pork barrels and reversals are coming thick and fast

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Firstly Commissar Sutton flips the bird at farmers, then “A Government source has now suggested it is unlikely the legislation will be introduced to Parliament before the election.”

For a Government source read someone from Mrs Davis’s office.

Then the Governments “Bovver Boy” Trevor Mallard announces that 20 race-based programmes would be cut or altered as a result of a wide review.

Well, surprise, surprise……oh I wish elections and bad polls would coincide more often.

And then to cap it all off after screwing up the math on Kyoto, Dr Cullen has screwed up the math in the tax take and seems to have $500 Million more than he thought he did. I ask you how do you not know you are missing $500 Million. Further he announces he will spend it on roads… theres a surprise!!!

It begs the question….Who is in charge of the economy? and another If there was noyhing in the kitty for tax cuts for three years how come there is $500 Million all of sudden pulled out of his arse.

Funny thing is Cullen says it was from the banks….the banks say it wasn’t us…so who was it…to quote my father “It must have been the f%[email protected] fairies again”