Rudman puts the slipper in Mrs Peter Davis

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Brian Rudman has an article in the Herald outlining Labours hidden agenda on Roading and some more stealth taxes.

Now Rudman is slightly……no, more than slightly pink so one must take what he says with more than a grain a salt. He is against almost everything so it is no surprise to see he is against Tolls. Hoever he is also against the stealthy way Labour has announced their policy.

“First came the good news. Transit New Zealand, with a little help from a third-term-seeking Government, plans to accelerate its road-building activities round Auckland.

Then came the “fooled you” whammy from Prime Minister Helen Clark. “The precise timetable of this work will depend on the willingness of Aucklanders to accept some tolling.”

At least National is up-front about introducing Tolling….this is Labours hidden agenda.