Rudman doesn't know his arse from his blue cheese

Brian Rudman is trying hard. Real Hard.
Today in the Herald he launches into a dissertation of all that is wrong about proposals for development of Aucklands waterfront.

He tries to be clever with this quote;

[quote]Last September, the port company revealed its initial development concept for the Tank Farm. It would rename it Kahurangi, a Maori word for blue or precious jewel which reflects the promise of the paradigm shift planned for the site. It was like a jewel which, under the port company's plan, would be honed into a unique interface of land and sea. At the time, I said the only thing named Kahurangi I knew of us was a smelly blue cheese. How appropriate the name turns out to be. Smelly and rotten seems to sum up what's happening down there. The sooner we get an independent waterfront redevelopment commission to take over, the better.[/quote]Which would have been all the more powerful if he hadn't in fact got the name of the cheese wrong. He meant Kikorangi , but that wouldn't have made the sotry fit would it Brian?