And this dork thinks he is a Mayoral wannabe?

Check out the new MetroLive website at – it's deliciously bitchy just like the days of the Warwick Roger era of that mag.

One great example is the "Seven days in the city" column – a more genteel version of the old Felicity Ferret, a wonderfully nasty bitch that makes Whaleoil a gentle river pike by comparison.

Anyway, check out the unveiling of the Waterfront stadium plan.

Mayoral wannabe and flamboyant metrosexual Alex Slimey tried to start a Mexican wave (ugh) at the unveling of the bedban. Apparently, it went down like a cup of cold vomit.

[quote]"Well done!" he whooped as Mallard played his video showing what a large bedpan might look like from the air at night. However the tide wasn't running Swney's way. Instead of whoops there was a wave of embarrassed silence broken only by the gentle hiss of sniggering – which made our little, tan-suited cheerleader rather grumpy. "Come on Auckland," he harrumphed."[/quote]

Of course they don't leave poor old George Wood and dopey old Barry Curtis alone either.

[quote]There weren't nearly enough chairs – heaven help us if this is a sign of things to come! And what's this? Oh dear. There's poor old Manukau mayor Sir Barry Curtis and poor old North Shore mayor George Wood. Not at the high table, but jammed in among the slavering hacks. How far out of the loop were they? So far that they were forced to join the journos and ask Mallard questions from the floor.[/quote] ?

It's hard to think of someone who could make Hubbard look less dorky, but Slimey (ACT Candidate in 1999 and Action Hobson candidate in 2001) must surely be a candidate.