Clark and Mallard miscalculated support

How bad was their miscalculation?

Well Kyoto like in proportion.

So bad in fact that dripping wet socialists are even abandoning the pretence that the Waterfront Stadium was ever a good idea.

[quote]Aucklanders have become the flabbergasted witnesses to one of the most comprehensive failures of central and local government imagination in this country's history.

The Rugby Union, backed by Helen Clark and her enthusiastic Sports Minister, Trevor Mallard, somehow managed to sell the International Rugby Board the sizzle of a New Zealand-hosted World Cup in 2011 without bothering to tell them we didn't actually have the sausages.[/quote]

Ouch….then how about this…just ignore the peak oil and climate change B.S.

[quote]And the idea that our Government is willing to spend up to a billion dollars on a game, on the multimillion-dollar private enterprise that is professional rugby, when one in four Kiwi kids lives in poverty, when women with breast cancer are denied Herceptin, when the twin threats of peak oil and climate change cry out for every available research dollar, is, quite frankly, obscene.

Maybe, if our Government had led the way on these issues. Maybe, if we had already mobilised against poverty, and cancer, and the convenient lie that New Zealand is ''One Hundred Percent Pure''. Maybe, if the experience of collective selfimprovement had equipped us with the tools to make ''economic transformation'' a reality. Then, maybe, we would have been ready to seize the promotional opportunities that a global event like the Rugby World Cup undoubtedly offers.

But our Government did none of these things. It simply reached out for the quick and easy public relations fix that anything associated with rugby provides. The 2011 World Cup looked like a fantastic photo opportunity – the ideal backdrop for a government seeking its fifth term. Now it has to make it happen in just four years. It reminds me of the story of the English tourist lost in the Irish countryside. ''Could you tell me how I might get to Dublin?'' he asks a passing farmer.

''Ah, well, sir,'' says the farmer, scratching his chin, ''if I wanted to be getting there, I'd never be starting from here.''[/quote]

Double ouch. Thak you Mr Trotter now crawl back under your rock.?