Cops evict Penny Bright from Council meeting

At the Auckland City Council meeting tonight the evening descended into farce.

It looks like the council will pass the resolution proposing the Waterfront Stadium against overwhelming opposition from any public opinion poll you care to mention.

The vote will be virtually meaningless as it has a number of completely dumb proviso's;

  • The Government pay for all of it.
  • The Government covers the ongoing costs
  • The Stadium is moved east onto Bledisloe Wharf

My pick is 14-6 for WF.

I don't think the Ports of Auckland will like that dumbass proposal one little bit.

Meanwhile the local constabulary was called to oust Penny Bright from the meeting. The meeting was appallingly run, every politician had to have their 5 mins, some droned on and on (Neil Abel and Bill Christian). Cathy Casey, hard left Alliance Party gave a most impassioned plea against the waterfront, denounced City Vision for supporting the waterfront.

Scott Milne spoke very well, pity it was in favour of Waterfront. Loads of amendments, some a bit dippy, some appear to give council wriggle room to suggest they support waterfront but may be making it too hard for the government.

As for the arrests, that's a monumental Hubbard bungle. Just as Hubbard started to speak to the first motion, Penny Bright unfurled a big banner which said something about opposing the "DICKtator$hip" (a bit incoherent), but Hubbard lost his rag, demanded three times she sit down. When she didn't, he adjourned the meeting and called the cops. They arrived 20 mins later and arrested her. Simply pathetic.

He should have just completely ignored her, or even worse, point her out, invite everyone to look for 20 seconds, and then get on with the show. Most people shook their heads at Hubbard's heavy handed approach.