Council flys in the face of public opinion

Last night the Auckland City Council flew in the face of public opinion and back the waterfront stadium…well sort of there are silly proviso's that the Government will just ignore.


  • Scott Milne
  • Glenda Fryer
  • Leila Boyle
  • Graeme Mulholland
  • Richard Northey
  • Dick Hubbard
  • Doug Armstrong
  • Noelene Raffills
  • Vern Walsh
  • Linda Leighton
  • Toni Millar
  • Bill Christian


  • Penny Sefuiva
  • Bruce Hucker
  • Cathy Casey
  • Christine Caughey
  • Richard Simpson
  • Faye Storer
  • Neil Abel
  • John Hinchcliff

This pretty much guarantees that there will be a vastly different council after next years local body elections with the prospect that C&R Now could well be devastated if the same dunderheads stand.