Everywhere but Auckland

The so-called Minister with responsibility for Auckland Issues is the second highest frequent traveller.

It seems she spends more time out of Auckland than in Auckland.

Bill English gave her a flogging in parliament yesterday.

[quote]Hon BILL ENGLISH (National-Clutha-Southland) to the Minister with responsibility for Auckland Issues: Does she stand by her statement in the House on 15 June 2006 when she said that "This Government is extremely busy on working for Auckland"; if not, why not?

Hon JUDITH TIZARD (Minister with responsibility for Auckland Issues): The member has truncated my actual statement. What I said was that this Government is extremely busy on working for Auckland and is starting to deliver infrastructure that will make Auckland internationally sustainable. I stand by my comment.

Hon Bill English: Is it the case that the Minister has the second-highest ministerial bill for domestic flights because she flies everywhere except Auckland; and how does the Labour Government expect support in the provinces for spending of taxpayers' money on Auckland projects such as the stadium, when she visits the provinces so often?[/quote]

Five seconds later the mad cow told all and sundry that she wasn't involved in anything to do with the stadiumand would go on radio so she could be shouted at….this from the woman who shouted at all and sundry in a pub meeting then stormed out during the election.