Excuse me Mr Policeman

Why haven't you gone knocking on Mr Hager's door yet?

Yesterday he said that he still had an email and today he has provided emails to the Dominion Post.

Lets look at the prima facie evidence shall we.

NZ Herald 28 November 2006 – "I have the email where Don Brash forwarded it to Steven Joyce."

Dominion Post 29 November 2006 – "documents supplied to The Dominion Post by Hager, after Dr Brash's denial, suggest otherwise."

Hmmm…perhaps a stretch in the cells Mr Hager will loosen your tongue sufficiently to tell us your source, meanwhile here is a charge of receiving stolen property and oh yeah I almost forgot to mention…all the loot you are getting from the sale of the book we will take under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Chance would be a fine thing.