Faced with defeat, Mallard changes the rules

Mallard doesn't get it. Aucklanders don't want the NIHBY (Not in Helen's Back Yard) Stadium.

How much do we not want it.

TVNZ reckons it is a 61% No response from over 29,000 votes

The Herald has a 78% No response from 8732 emails

C&R Now reports a 71% response in favour of Eden Park?

So faced with political oblivion Mallard changes the rules …typical socialist wanker, resorts to cheating to get his own way. Of course he tried the spinning first by saying that the race was neck and neck.?

As Rudman says in the Herald today

[quote]Auckland is fast becoming Wellington's Iraq. If we're not stoning Sports Minister Trevor Mallard for his waterfront stadium plan, we're up in arms about Government plans to make us pay tolls to finance highways that the rest of the country gets for free.[/quote]

Ain't that the truth….Mr Mallard hasn't got it through his thick head that Aucklanders will not be told what we are going to do. If he decides in his socialist wisdom to force a waterfront stadium on us it will be to Labour's peril come the next election and Hubbard's peril next year.