I'd say the Waterfront Stadium is gone-burgers

Going from the building opposition to the Waterfront Stadium I'd say the prospects of Helen Clark's edifice to NIMBYism is a gonner.

The Herald Readers Poll is emphatic. A total of 4548 say No, a paltry 1317 say Yes. That is a massive 77% opposing. Helen Clark must be screaming into her Cornies over figures like that. Ramming it thru against Auckland's wishes will just ensure that Labour loses Auckland next election.

National has basically said Labour are Dreamin' and publically backed Eden Park as the only viable option.

ACT and Greens have joined forces to oppose the waterfront option.

Essentially support is down to Labour and possibly the poodle lapdog mangy mutt parties.

The other two polls out there are interesting. The one calling it self Stadium Vote is looking dodgier as time goes by. The Domain is owned by a company that doesn't even exist and if Saatchi and Saatchi found out about it may just give them some grief.

The other poll being run by C&R Now doesn't have any stats as yet but I will post those as they come to hand.

UPDATE: The Maori Party is also opposed to the waterfront on the basis there had been inadequate consultation with the board of Ngati Whatua ki Orakei.?

That pretty much seals it.?