Mallard back selling snake oil

It's clear Bernard Orsman has had a gutsful of this current council, and doesn't think much of Michael Barnett either 🙂 But I think he made a typo with "Eden Park". I think Orsman meant waterfront!

[quote]Auckland has responded as only Auckland can – by being bitterly divided over the issue, sideshows like Carlaw Park, widespread criticism and few leaders prepared to get in behind the Government's "strong preference" for Eden Park.[/quote]?

This is what he has to say about Michael Barnett.

[quote]Business leaders, such as Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett, have sat on the fence.[/quote]

Perhaps Orsman might like to the the return of Banksie, uh I mean decisive leadership. Amusing that the Action Hobson bicycle brigade still wants to push Carlaw Park. They must not realise that they're losing votes on this. Wonderful stuff.

And while we are talking about failed politicians and their big ideas, Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard said the stadium was more than just about the Rugby World Cup. It was a unique opportunity to create a multi-use, world-class facility to be enjoyed by future generations.?

Some questions for you that the media won't ask.

  • Why do you and Mallard bang on about concerts not being able to be played at Eden Park…they never have? That is why Auckland has Western Springs, Mt Smart, North Harbour, The Showgrounds, the Pacific Events Centre, the monstrosity in Parnell, the stadium out west….get the picture, we don't need or want a multi-use stadium.
  • When you said last year that Eden Park was going to be a show-piece were you just kidding?
  • Do you have any clue as to what you are doing?
  • Did you realise that your cereal is crap?
  • What does the Helen and Trevor backsides taste like, you seem to like wedging your tongue firmly up their bottoms?