Mallard continues to spit and fume

Mallard is fuming and spitting and slurring anyone and everyone who opposes the NIMBY Stadium on the waterfront.

?The rude prick had this to say about Aucklanders;

[quote]"I think it's a poor second option. I think it shows a lack of imagination. It shows a city that doesn't have a vision, but that might be what Aucklanders want,"[/quote]

Lack of vision…I'll give you lack of vision, right after I have punched you fricken lights out. Fuck off back to Wainuiomata, you are a complete waste of space. Get it through your thick fucking skull we are not falling for your spin and innuendo.

Build Eden Park and make it work or fuck right off. Oh and why don't you fix our roads while you are all about spending $1 billion of our money.?