Mallard still fighting

Mallard is still clinging to his dream nightmare for a stadium on Aucklands waterfront.

He of course is being assisted by the Mayor of Flip-Flops still desperate to earn his gong.

The latest set of inanities uttered by the most inept Mayor in living memory are as follows;

"We needed this stadium to be a circuit breaker to get access. Thirty years from now I believe we could still be looking at barbed wire, electric fences, cranes and used cars."?

Of course silly duffer doesn't realise that we do have access to our waterfront …approximately 15 kilometres of it starting at Glen Innes and running to Okahu Bay and then having a little tiny break before resuming at the viaduct.

Of course he seriously emabarrassed himself on Friday night on Closeup with this completely stupid utterance;

"We don't need the port" and "It's the classic pull of profits or money versus people, we put the emphasis on the people factor"

So Dick Hubbard doesn't think Auckland needs $21.7 millions dollars per annum not to mention tha almost $7 billion worth of trade that passes through the port.

What a complete cock.