Meddling is as meddling does

The NZ Herald has a good editorial about the penchant of the Government to meddle, especially in the case of Telecom.

[quote]"Over the past few months, the Government has made little secret of its irritation with some regulatory agencies. Ministers have, at the drop of a hat, denounced and discarded decisions reached independently and with the benefit of expert knowledge. Now, the ultimate expression of that dissatisfaction has been delivered in the Telecommunications Amendment Bill. Taking charge of Telecom's split into three divisions will be the Minister of Communications, not, as might have been expected, the Telecommunications Commissioner. This, noted Parliament's finance and expenditure select committee, would give the minister a "high degree of control" over the process."

and this comment

"Ministers' penchant for meddling has undermined confidence in the regulatory framework, and created considerable confusion. At least, there will be no bewilderment over the splitting up of Telecom. The cloak of Government complaisance has been removed. So, too, however, is the prospect of vital decisions being made for all the right reasons."[/quote]