New Stadium Height Comparison

Ok, this comparison is infinitely more accurate than my enthusiastic amateur attempts.

Not PC is the best place to go to see the architectural aspects of this project.

Thanks DenMT for sending this to me in the interests of clarity.

However, I am still implaccably opposed to the project on the basis that Edenm park is perfectly acceptable, buildability is still in question of the waterfront, Mallard has seriously andin my view maliciously under-quoted the the price of the waterfront stadium, Mallrd, Clark, Cullen and the plonker Hubbard are all pushing a project Aucklanders clearly don't want and it sure as hell is not iconic.

Someone should point out to Hubbard that six months ago he enthusiastically supported Eden Park and now all of a sudden he enthusiastically support the non-iconic stadium on the waterfront. Now if the waka proposal was serious that would be iconic and you may see me support that.