Piss off Roguetuz

Roguetuz has taken it upon herself to diss me on Youtube. Silly bitch.

Well, Heather, 22 of Auckland, Aquarius, who loves stupid sappy movies like Labyrinth, I make my videos for me not for you.

So please desist from leaving me stupid whiny-assed comments on Youtube. At 22 you have no right to an opinion and since you are also a student no right to actually speak.

At 22 you are actually a net cost to this country and a waste of space, when you become a contributing member of society then by all means feel free to speak up.

By the way lose the atheist tag. I can't believe you have even the tiniest ability to reason whether there is or isn't a god to even form that opinion.

If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose. Now FRO.