The considered opinion of Mr George

Garth George is usually very considered even when he is grumpy.

Today he comments on the new leaders of National.

[quote]Mr Key and Mr English have a lot going for them. They are not academics, they have never been school teachers, they are not lawyers, they are not theoretical economists, I doubt that either has ever been a union member and they are only in their 40s.

They are men who have made their own way in life – Mr Key in particular – and know what it means to take personal responsibility and to work hard in order to reap life's rewards.

They are intelligent, too – equals of their Labour opposite numbers whose intelligence is unquestioned.

They are both family men, married with children – Mr and Dr English have six, Mr and Mrs Key two – and understand that the family unit remains the fundamental, indispensable building block of society.[/quote]

I can hear the lefty toadies and lickspittles knees slamming together in fear.? Labour will be shown up for the useless bunch of failed teachers, academics and lawyers that they are.