The Grim Reaper for Auckland Sport

So the cat is out of the bag . Mallard announces the N.I.M.B.Y. Stadium to please Dear Leader and local Mayor Dick "Reaper" Hubbard kills of another fine sporting proposition with his support.

I've known jockstraps with more support for projects and sports than Dick Hubbard has.

He has systematic wreaked havoc upon Auckland's sporting scene since taking office. The list is impressive.

Speedway at Western Springs, V8 Supercars Streetrace and now he has destroyed a Trusts asset value by toadying up to Clark like a good little lickspittle.

Huge questions remain.

How much has Fletchers paid to Labour to get the contract without a tender?

If the Street Cars and Speedway couldn't get consent then how the hell is a stadium?

Isn't Helen just the NIMBY Cat that licked the cream?