The Inspector Clouseau of Auckland Politics

Dick Hubbard is the Inspector Clouseau of Auckland Politics, he bumbles and fumbles his way from one catastrophe to the next with such ineptness that Inspector Clouseau could well be better as mayor than Dick Hubbard.

He has clearly no control over his council. While he was busily fronting in all his awkwardness for a photo op with Trevor Mallard, almost half of his council was secretly petitioning Prime NIMBY Helen Clark to build the stadium at Carlaw Park.

In other Stadium news, Aucklands who have emailed the NZ Herald has resoundingly said Naf Off to Trevor and the meddlers from Wellington. Just on 75 per cent of the 2400 valid responses to a Herald question, "yes or no to a waterfront stadium?" say no.

Also another difficulty for the Government and other supporters of a waterfront stadium is that four senior members of the Auckland City Council's urban design panel – all architectural and urban design leaders who assess major new public buildings – have come out strongly against the waterfront option.

To make matters worse, Devonport Residents have blown the big raspberry as well at the waterfront stadium proposal.?

And in news just in my son has told me that a new reality TV show has been proposed. Montgomery Burns is going to run a Simpsons version of The Apprentice called "The Flunky". I know of a prime candidate for that show.