Waterfront Stadium doomed

In further news on the stadium the real Mayor of Auckland Dr Bruce Hucker has reversed his previous support for the waterfront stadium syaing he now believes "will prevent future development of the wharf area and block public access to the harbour."

He says people need to remember the decision will have an impact for a hundred years or more.

This morning on Paul Holmes the cat was let out of the bag by Mallard when he said he "thinks it (the waterfront stadium) could be a real signal of economic transformation".

There you have it. The waterfront stadium idea is nothing more than a plank for Labour's re-election under the spurious title of "economic transformation".

Yet again Labour wants to dip into the public purse to support their flagging fortunes. This time it is $1 billion of our money being spent on something Aucklanders don't want. How about spending $1 billion on our roads huh!

Face it Clark, Mallard etc the Waterfront sucks, we don't want it, we want Eden Park oh and fix our fricken roads as well while you are at it.?