A labourite with integrity – hard to find

Fran O’Sullivan once again calls Labour to account for its lack of integrity.

[quote]looking back over the past 12 months it was impossible to find any MP in the caucus ranks who had the guts to call Labour to account for its two serious political misjudgments: its handling of the Phillip Field affair and the election over-spending scandal.[/quote]
The majority of the article is talking about Andrew Little and his stand against Labour’s troubles.

She as usual saves the best lines till last.
[quote]It’s also obvious that with the preponderance of ex-unionist MPs, Labour hardly needs another one to swell its caucus ranks.

It remains desperately short of the business people, lawyers, farmers, accountants and professionals with the necessary knowledge and management skills to drive an increasingly pervasive state.

And it lacks integrity and moral valour.

On that aspect, Little rates.[/quote]

Yep,  she is right, no integrity, no moral valour, scum in other words.