Apparently Safe Drivers use Powernaps

On my quick drive to Auckland I saw several safety signs that said in rather large and distracting letters inane things like

"Safe Drivers use Powernaps"

As I consider myself a safe driver i thought to my self…shit I better get one of those.

I went to Warehouse and they don’t have any, nor do any of the major petrol stations. So it begs the questions;

  • What are powernaps?
  • Where do you get them from?
  • What do they do?
  • Are they related to party drugs?
  • Will the government them as well?

There were further stupid signs planted out there by Transit with equally dumb statistics like…25% of accidents involve trucks, WTF is that supposed to mean?…it is safer to drive trucks!!
And then there is the 25% of accidents happen at night….WTF is that…again is it better to travel at night…it seems so according to statistics.

So one must assume from Transits signs that you are better to drive at night in a truck using something obscurely called a powernap!!!! Fucking wallies wasting our tax dollars on inanities like this.
And while we are on stupid waste of money signs, why did the egg farmer tell me to fuck off when I asked him for a dozen of those "free" range eggs.