Ban, Ban, Ban

That is all socialists want to do, ban things.

This weeks target is cellphones …because stupid people send text messages whilst driving, then get dead all of a sudden….this isn't dangerous, it is called natural selection.

So add banning cellphones whilst driving to the list;

  • Fast food, in the mistaken belief that banning this will result in thinner people
  • Soft Drinks in schools, ditto above
  • Guns, in the mistaken belief that guns kill people. Last time I checked the guns in my safe didn't try to escape and go rampaging all over the suburb trying to kill people all on their lonesome.
  • Cigarettes, despite being a legal substance legitimately sold in NZ
  • Fijian's, can't work that one out, where were the sanctions over Pakistan and Thailand.
  • TV ads for medicines
  • TV ads for booze
  • the list goes on and on….

Although I don't notice them banning anal sex amongst consenting adults under the premise that some could contract Aids and therefore die……no, they won't ban that will they.