Carole King and the socialists

Anika Moa opened the show and was well received. She performed five songs before exiting stage right.

During the break while the stage was being reset i noticedsome people behind me sipping on their chardonnay and then placing the rubbish 9bottles, cups etc) on the floor in front of them.

Yes true chardonnay socialists. Mark Gosche, Ruth Dyson and a somewhat forlorn Mar Burton. What a bunch of plonkers. Mark Gosche was wearing a white sweatshirt, Burton looked like an old hippy and Ruth Dyson who must rate as having the saggiest tits in parliament, was dressed like an old hippy too.

Every one else was enjoying the how which wasn't so much Carole King but rather large amounts of drunk sixty year olds trying to dance with their walking frames up the front. Not our erstwhile socialist though, sitting there all po faced. They only stood fr the ovation and then remained firmly seated when the whole of the rest of the stadium was on its feet for the end set.

Carole King performed well, for someone who is 64. She made the odd quip about under 30's but I don't think there were more than about 10 of them there.

The show was a little short…but I suppose Carole wanted to go home and tuck her self in bed complete with bed socks and hair net.

All in all a good night out desoite the close proximity to socialists.