Celsius Bar – Review

I took the pod out to dinner tonight. We usually go a favourite little Japanese Restaurant call Ken Yakitori but tonight I thought we would try something else. We went to Celsius Bar in Ormiston Road, Botany Junction. For those of you who don’t know the in joke in Auckland, you don’t need to move to Dannemora, it is moving to you. Botany, Dannemora, Howick whatever you want to call it is huge and growing. Think the population of Wellington in a much smaller area and growing..there are planned to be another 40,000 people in side 8 years in Flatbush, which is just down the road.

Anyway. Celsius Bar is one of those places that cooks (sorry, you cook) with a Stone Grill. That is they bring out your food sizziling on a Stone and it finishes cooking right in front of you. All you have to do is cut bits off and turn them until cooked to perfection.

In fact if you have a crap meal it is all your own fault actually.

The calves loved it, giving the restaurant an official Whaleoil "Two Thumbs Up" vote.

Prices are reasonable and the service was fast, accurate and friendly. I think I’ll be going back here a great deal.

Oh and for a little more up market dining the owner has another restaurant in Howick Village called Basalt.

The only downside for cooking with a Stone Grill seems to be the insane amount of flies that get attracted to roasting meat. I mean insane…as soon as your sizzling platter of meat arrives so do the flies. I had the same problem at Basalt….and anyone who thinks to blame me for the fly problem will find themselves on the end of a good ole fashioned bitch-slappin’.