Council plans destroy business

The inane Auckland City Council is setting about destroying peoples business.

[quote]When the council decided last week to put out the plan for public consultation, billboard companies said it put up to 150 jobs and $70 million in revenue at stake.[/quote]

Not only are they proposing to ban billboards, it seems their stupid proposals are wrecking other businesses along the way through the old "unintended consequences".

  • All signs above verandas will be prohibited.
  • Business signage to be further restricted to an area based on street frontage and a selection of approved styles.
  • All signs will have to comply with the new bylaw within 18 months of it coming into force.
  • All dispensations for signs and billboards will last no longer than five years.

Glenda Fryer has got to be the maddest bitch in all of the land…oh no wait that is Helen Clark…ok the second maddest bitch.