Dead Beat Dad sponsored by the State

Hat tip Sir Humphreys

I hate dead beat dads. Is hate too strong? No I don’t think so. My niece has a dead beat dad. While he snorts thousands of dollars of "burn" he owes over $100,000 in child support payments. He has plenty of money for drugs, but nothing not even a birthday present for his niece.

Now we see the government likes actively supporting dead beat dads.

Phil Goff has been seen on TV congratulating Hamish Stalker on opening his ice-cream factory in Vietnam. Trouble is Mr Hamish Stalker owes over $75,000 in Child Support payments.


Oh…and Mr Hamish Stalker, making it up to the kids in a years time will go down like a cup of cold sick. They for sure will remember how much of a "father" you were to them.