Don Brash – Valedictory Speech

Don Brash has made his valedictory speech in parliament this afternoon.

I liked this part the best;

[quote]If, as seems entirely possible, we lose an increasing proportion of our most able to the bright lights of Sydney, London and New York, there must be a serious danger that the pleasant society which Chris Trotter rightly praised will gradually unwind – with a whimper rather than a bang, but unwind nevertheless.

I want something much better – a society where every child is loved; where every child has a good education; where every person is free to pursue his or her dreams provided they don't cause nightmares for others or expect other people to fund their dreams; where the state protects the natural environment and provides security for all; where all can live at peace, irrespective of race or religious belief.

Madam Speaker, I don't mean to imply that the dangers we now face are solely the responsibility of the present government. The dangers have been growing for some years.

But I'm absolutely satisfied that the track we're presently on won't deal with those dangers.

We need to re-establish the principle of personal responsibility, re-affirm the importance of family and community, and turn our back on the politics of envy, where the party that wins is the one that can take $25,000 off a hard-working Kiwi and spread it around to win the maximum number of votes among those who aren't so hard-working.[/quote]