Foreshore and Seabed for all….NOT!

Labour told everybody that their dopey Foreshore and Seabed bill would do many things, like;

[quote]"It provides for the foreshore and seabed to be held in perpetuity by the people of New Zealand, with open access and use for everbody. The Crown will be responsible for regulating its use on behalf of all present and future generations of New Zealanders.

"The decisions the Cabinet has made will ensure that the customary rights of Maori can be accommodated while protecting public access for others.[/quote]

and Michael Cullen told everyone that the bill;
[quote]"safeguards the seabed and foreshore for everyone"[/quote]

The only problem was they haven’t told the courts and cetainly the law hasn’t delivered after a decision by the High Court to confirm title of 850 acres of mudflats north of Nelson contradicts the Prime Minister’s assurances that Maori would not be able to get freehold title to the foreshore and seabed.

Now this was an issue that could become a real land-mine for the government. Further it looks like they just stepped on it.

Kiwis will go to their Christmas holidays with nothing but talk over a government that robs them blind, stole an election and is mostly corrupt, now they can also add giving away land to Maori hen they said it wouldn’t happen.