Government quotes on Nicky Hager

?This is what the Government used to think about Nicky Hager

Marion Hobbs – "Nick Hager's conspiracy theories do not match the facts."

Jim Anderton – "Dirty tactics employed by the Greens and Nicky Hager, show this election is in grave danger of being decided by misrepresentation of the truth and prejudice,"?

Jim Anderton – "That accusation is completely untrue and without any foundation whatever."?

Marion Hobbs – "New Zealand's best interests will be served by debate on facts and not on conspiracy theories."?

Helen Clark – 'despicable' and 'unethical' journalism?

My, my haven't times changed. Now they want to hang their hat on "Democracy Funding" based on his, well to use the words of the Prime Minister "despicable and unethical" journalism.?

Hypocrisy is a word I can use outside of Parliament.?