Govt plans to fine forest owners

The stupid government faced with massive forest owner opposition is deciding whether to fine forest owners if they cut down their own trees and do not replant and convert their own land to more profitable enterprises.

[quote]Not all forest land is suitable for conversion to other uses, but the deforestation fine does threaten to slice hundred of millions of dollars off the potential value of forest land owners.[/quote]

Of course the government has only themselves to blame for this debacle.

They stole the property rights of the forest owners for themselves and then wonder why they decided to cut the trees down.

Now after destroying shareholder value in Telecom in the order of billions of dollars they are now setting about wiping hundreds of million of dollars off of the value of those nasty little forest owners.

Forest owners like, Carter Holt Harvey, Maori with much of the central North Island forest plantations being held in trust to settle treaty claims.

Oh dear, it looks like bad news all round for the government.