Herald calls for Carter's Head

The Herald has called on Chris Carter to resign over his applaling handing of the Whangamata marina issue and his flagrant breaching of the very laws he is paid to up hold.

[quote]Mr Carter’s embarrassment should be a cautionary tale for ministers tempted to meddle in the judicial process. The fear that courts will arrive at unpopular verdicts has led Parliament to enshrine the right of ministerial intervention in many areas. But that will never make such intrusions any more just.

Mr Carter interfered in a manner that has been ruled out of order by the High Court and wrong by a fellow minister. This episode was the product of individual failing, not the culmination of a chain of errors in a department. There is no question mark over who bears the responsibility. Mr Carter should resign from the Conservation portfolio.[/quote]

just add him to the long and growing list of incompetent and useless Ministers who maintain their jobs because Helen has lost her touch.