Hollowmen – Analysis

Gooner over at Sir Humphrey’s has a very good analysis on the Hollowmen by Nicky 9isn’t that a girls name) Hager.

Unfortunately it is a little astray mainly because of Don Brash’s inability to ever deal with anything electronically.

Nevertheless, i agree with Gooner that National has been the victim of a criminal conspiracy of unprecedented proportions that surely must involve the highest levels of our government in what can only be described as a "Watergate" like scandal.

My sources reliably inform me that there was no hack of any National Party servers or in fact Parliamentary Services servers. My own investigation and reading of the Hollowmen also shows an unprecedented level of political spying and subterfuge on the part of National’s opponents.

The source/s of the leak is/are nothing more than a petty thief that played on the idiosyncrasies of a person not comfortable with email.

Don Brash, I am told would tie up the office printer for hours at a time printing off his emails so they could be filed in hard copy. He would also read each email once printed out. He often didn’t read them at all on the screen.

Now that shows that DB was a fool for printing them out, but that also National is actually the victim of a "Watergate" scandal where criminal elements are rummaging in the offices of key people. That means that people had access granted to those offices and took out large quantities of paper. This also means that it is extremely likely that this criminal conspiracy goes alot higher than most of us would imagine. 

I’m with Gooner on wanting an investigation, but am uncertain whether involving the SIS would be helpful as I am more than a little sure they were involved in this.

If there is anyone out there willing to fund and investigation i am pretty certain that using some sophisticated software and link analysis I could identify the leaker based on the book and also staff rosters and details.