In the interests of accuracy

The Herald has breathlessly explained how a policeman is "shocked" at a gun haul.

The seized weapons include AK47s, Israeli Uzis, a Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun – used by anti-terrorist units around the world – a G3 automatic rifle, M4 carbine assault rifles, an AK74M, a Saiga 12 gauge eight shot, and Glock 17 pistols, used by police and military in more than 50 countries.

Not a heavy machine gun amongst them. Thanks Adolf for pointing out this pointless piece of reporting.

To cap it all off they have provided a graphic with the caption "Two of the types of guns found in the raid, the Heckler and Koch MP5, and the M4 Carbine."

Well they got it 50% right there is an M4 carbine, the other rifle is most certainly not an MP5 they look like this.

The rifle, coz that is what it is, is a Heckler & Koch 416. It takes 5.56mmx45mm NATO ammunition not 9mm. It is an assault rifle/carbine, not a submachine gun.

Get ya facts straight or get out of the business.