It had to come

Yes, it had to come and I was waiting for it. The Greens and Keith Locke didn’t disappoint me one little bit.

They are of course wanting to ban something. In the light of the police raid they now want to ban Military-style weapons, wanting them disabled and all guns should be registered.

Of course Keith Locke didn’t disappoint us with inane statements.
[quote]"If we want to keep serious weapons out of the hands of gangs and criminals, we have to resist pressure from the gun lobby and make it mandatory to register guns, not just their owners."[/quote]

Uhmm…hate to point out to you keith, but that proposal won’t stop gangs and criminals getting guns at all, and becasue you are fricken stupid I will tell you why.

Because they are fucking criminals who do not obey laws. If they want guns of any type they’ll get them, irrespective of any stupid law you and your mates pass.

And on another note, fool, the cops said "most of the firearms seized were held legitimately".

So what we have here is a confiscation pending documentation.