Now this is going to be a test

I have been enjoying watching a real test match tonight. So far on day one the tourists look to have Australia on the back foot.

Now I must admit that I haven't really been keeping up with cricket for some years and at first I was a bit confused as to who Australia were playing…that was because when i switched on there was? a guy called Mahmood bowling and the commentators were waxing lyrical about a guy called Panesar.

Turns out that it is England playing.

The Panesar fellow has just got 5 wickets and his bowling has been superb even when Symonds came out and gave him a pasting. Panesar got the last laugh though.

This test has got me all enthused about test cricket again…you know real cricket, not namby pamby pajama wearing cricket, but the only game on the planet you play for 5 days, watch intrigue, tactics and superb athleticism and then have a draw.

The great thing is that this weekend I have two test matches to keep an eye on.?