O'Sullivan sticks it to Government and Police alike

Fran O’Sullivan pulls no punches in todays Herald. She goes for the corruption of the current Government and the ineptitude of the Police.
[quote]Hardly seems fair, does it? One politician is brought down by what National is increasingly starting to believe is an outright criminal conspiracy which began before the 2005 election, and the other is sheltered by political masters who need his vote to maintain their role as the largest political party in Parliament.

But astonishingly, Labour has hardly been challenged by the news media or its political opponents over this rort.[/quote]

She doesn’t hold back later on either.
[quote]It’s just too cynical for words to maintain this fraud on the electorate because the ruling party worries that Field might jump ship or become an independent MP if they try to force him out – as should have happened after a QC’s initial inquiry disclosed rather sharp practices towards vulnerable immigrants by an MP who at the time held a ministerial warrant.[/quote]

And so onto the police.
[quote]But Broad, who was not in charge of police at the time of the earlier investigation, cannot afford his department to continue to be seen as a political adjunct to the Labour Government – a department that has been:

  • Too spooked (previously) by the Beehive power clique to take a rigorous approach to investigating issues that might well have electoral implications, such as Labour’s clear breach of electoral spending caps and the Taito Phillip Field affair, where police initially stepped aside in favour of QC Noel Ingram’s inquiry;
  • Too quick to throw the book at National MPs such as Shane Ardern over misdemeanours such as driving a tractor up Parliament’s steps;
  • Too ready to cut the PM’s side slack when her own chief-of-staff is in the frame and they don’t want to upset the electoral apple cart.[/quote]

This is legendary stuff from Right Wing Blogger O’Sullivan and clearly the most brutal commentary thus far of the Clark Government and police corruption.