Quotes from the House today

There were some excellent quotes in the house today.

[quote]Hon Dr Nick Smith: Actually, the Government's policy on climate change is bloody useless. Will the energy strategy provide the substance of how Helen Clark's promise of carbon neutrality is to be achieved-or was the Prime Minister's statement just a bold exercise in spin doctoring, to take public attention off the pledge card and Taito Phillip Field's shenanigans?

And here is Parekura Horomia hopelessly out of his depth.

Hon Tau Henare: Why did the Minister tell the House on 22 November that Te Puni K?kiri's expenditure on contractors and consultants has decreased, when Te Puni K?kiri's annual reports from 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 show an increase of expenditure on those consultants by up to 67 percent?

Hon PAREKURA HOROMIA: I understand that the use of consultants and contractors is a lot less than it was in that member's time as Minister, and it is comparable with that by other organisations. It is not true that it has increased.

Some interchanges occurred next then this pearler from Tau Henare.

Hon Tau Henare: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I know that you could argue that the Minister addressed the question, but it is like asking how tall the palm tree is and getting the answer that it is Tuesday. The answer bears no relevance to the question.

Later Nick Smith and Ruth Dyson have a cracka t each other

Hon Dr Nick Smith: What credibility should the House give to claims made by Bob Harvey, the Mayor of Waitakere City, when the High Court found his conduct in respect of the Resource Management Act and Whangamata to be quite unreasonable and the Minister who has made the assertions has a conviction for drinking and driving, which is something Mr Groser has never had?

Madam SPEAKER: I am wondering where ministerial responsibility lies in that question. Would-

Hon Dr Nick Smith: Point of order-

Madam SPEAKER: I am genuinely seeking to know.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. You allowed Ruth Dyson to get to her feet and make accusations about the personal conduct-

Madam SPEAKER: No, she was asked for a report.

Hon Dr Nick Smith:-which has nothing to do with ministerial responsibilities-of Mr Groser in his application to build a house in Waitakere City. For you to allow that, then to say: "Oh!"-but for me to somehow question the credibility of Bob Harvey, who we all know is a Labour Party hack- [/quote]