She should be in an asylum not a state house

Now every one knows I hate cats…I mean really hate cats (sorry Murray, but I do).

I get really mad when I see losers like this silly bint who seems to want to be able to keep as many cats as she pleases.

Now as far as I am concerned all cats should be taken for a long walk off of a short pier.

I mean FFS check out this horse shit.

"It was a very hard decision to decide which ones to keep and which ones not to. I feel like a real witch," (you look like one too!!) a tearful Miss Major said. "I made them a special breakfast that morning – ham, chicken, tuna and cheese," she said.

After making a videotape and taking photographs of the pets she thought of as family, the vet arrived and it was time to farewell Lily, Mollie, Jacarandah and Poppie.

A candle, for each cat, was lit in Miss Major's lounge and a small piece of each cat's fur was removed.

Last week the cats' ashes were returned to Miss Major in wooden urns but she said she had still been too emotional to spend much time with them.

What on earth was wrong with a blunt axe or a flat of a shovel for goodness sake? As I said…asylum not state house for this nutter.