The dumbing down of our school system continues

Apparently over worked teachers are plumping to have exams axed all together as wella s separate levels of NCEA. The upshot of this proposal is that it is extremely likely that a student could get through to university without ever having to sit an exam.

I agree with MacLeans College Headmaster, Byron Bentley, "It smacks of desperation"

The recommendations include;

  • giving schools the option of testing students themselves, rather than putting them through national exams;
  • turning the three-level system into a "grab-bag" of standards that students could take three years to collect;
  • updating unit standards (which students currently pass or fail) so students can pass with achieved, merit or excellence grades;
  • focusing attention on teaching and learning, rather than assessment.

This is what happens when you have a highly unionised and leftist workforce deciding on the future of our education.