The whacky world of Tumeke!

Bomber Bummer is seriously in la-la land.

Just two posts apart is a classic contradiction in the debate of guns and drugs and prohibition.

In his post about the proposed ban of party drugs Bummer intones;

[quote]I don’t support prohibition of Party Pills for the same reasons I don’t support prohibition of tobacco. All this move will do is push everything underground, it’s something else the gangs will sell, this move will help them pay for their next pimp mobile and their kids education. Put restrictions on Party Pills and enforce the restrictions – prohibition doesn’t work![/quote]

Then in the very next post about guns just 13 minutes later all of a sudden prohibition is de rigeur;

[quote]I have nothing but praise for the Police cracking down on illegal guns coming into this country. There are few times I’m genuinely surprised by crime stories, but the news that up to 500 illegal guns have surfaced in NZ has to have a zero tolerance policy. Guns like these have only one role – kill people, quickly, we don’t need or want that ability in this country.[/quote]

Hmmm….okay, so prohibition won’t work for drugs because all it will do is "push everything underground" and give the "gangs something else to sell", but prohinition of guns something he says "we don’t need or want" will work.

Ummm…Bummer, either prohibition works or it doesn’t, can’t have it both ways.

oh and BTW I do need and want and HAVE the ability….I don’t need a pseudonym like "Bomber" to make me look tough, I am tough and I have guns, lots of them.