There is something about the surname Field and Politics

In the UK there is a Frank Field justifying Labour's cash for peerages scam . Oh yes there is definitately something fishy with people with the surname Field in politics.

On another note in the UK they are also having a review of campaign law and funding issues . I think there are some quite good suggestions there. I mean we really should consider them, after all Labour in NZ took the pledge cards from Labour UK. Labour in New Zealand has taken? favours for money from Labour in the UK so lets look at their solutions for campaign funding.

It has been suggested that a cap on individual donations to political parties of ?50,000. This would mean the millions of pounds donated to the Labour party each year from trade unions would be no longer legal. Instead, individual union members would each have to give their permission for their ?3 levy to be given as a donation.?

Ih yeah, what a sterling idea, let's bring that in here shall we.?

[quote]former Conservative chancellor Ken Clarke said: "I actually think the vast majority of members of the Labour party would quite like to see the party to stop being dependent on these millions from the trade unions, what is left of the trade union movement, that keeps trying to use that as political leverage which they do not want."[/quote] ?