Two new Taito's for Auckland City

No links to the online edition yet, but it would seem that local Auckland City council ticket Action Hobson are in hot water over failures to declare conflicts of interest in their council dealings.

Last week in the HoS the tip of the iceberg was exposed and this week the whole iceberg just thundered into the good ship SS Action Hobson.

According to the Sunday Herald, Taito Christine Caughey and Taito Richard Simpson proposed and voted $600,000 to a company whose General manager is a political ally of theirs. Doesn’t pass the sniff test to me…
Also, the investigation reveal allegations that they broke Auditor-General guidelines when proposing money to the Digital Earth conference, without disclosing that they were members of the Digital Earth Society that ran the conference. Very naughty, especially when the rest of the society members look like a whos who of Action Hobson supporters.
Ratepayers have now been stung by Action Hobson over rates rises – now they stand accused of not following proper process when voting money to groups. Very poor indeed…

To top it all off they have used the "Clark defense".

"We didn’t break the rules"

No, probably didn’t break them, but certainly you brushed them aside when you drove the bulldozer through them.

Resign now Christine and Richard, resign and go into the ignominy you deserve.