Viet Nam vets fuming

The much vaunted Viet Nam compo package has turned into a quagmire for the government who are now being seen as parsimonious.

Fewer than 100 veterans qualify for the compo package, and more than that have died before the package was released.

The handling of the announcement has been greeted as a "con job" by veterans who link their exposure to Agent Orange and other toxic defoliants to health problems including a wide range of cancers, heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes, skin rashes and nerve damage.

The government has limited the compo to only Chloracne for skin complaints. This is cold comfort for veterans like my FIL "Skippy" who has had a masty rash since he returned from Vietnam and has also had a handicapped son.

His compo package?

A welcome home parade 40 years too late, a new medal he doesn’t want and nothing else, thanks for coming, now go off and die quietly.

He said the last thing he wants is anything from those stinking commie bastards in parliament.