Back from the Dead

Michael Wood aka the Pakuranga Pecker-head is back online. he has ditched the somewhat obscure moniker of Bertrand Bargolias and renamed the blog Red in Roskill.

It seems the break has done him good as his first post is thoughtful if somewhat sycophantic. He has definitely changed his style from Jordan-esque to Tony Milne-ist. A big improvement. From the looks of the redesign Michael is going to be the face of "Progressive Christianity" for Labour. Whatever that term means?. Good on him for actually putting his heart on his sleeve, it must be hard belonging to a party that actually makes a sport of denigrating and ridiculing Christians and Christianity.

Anyway, we will monitor Michael  and see if he has designs on tipping Phil Goff out and I just might take him up on his Waikato Draught.