Clark is a selfish bitch

I have been wondering why the Killer Queen trotted off down to Antarctica for a photo op with an old duffer who just happened to climb a stupid mountain for  the equally stupid reason that it was there.

Since she went down there we have copped abuse over the fact John Key doesn’t climb mountains, and had photos of the Killer Queen trudging around the ice in mukluks.

The only upside is the weather has improved since the Killer Queen went down there.

Then I read a letter to the editor in yesterdays NZ Herald and became incensed at what a selfish, conceited bitch the Killer Queen has become.
[quote]PM’s Antarctic jaunt pointless
What was the point of the Prime Minister, and her husband, attending the 50th anniversary of the founding of Scott Base?
Their presence and occupation of scarce seating in the aircraft prevented personnel who built the base from traveling and having their day of glory.
After the tremendous effort they put into building the base, one would have thought they would have been given priority to travel to Antarctica, over people who can travel down there any time.
I find it sad that they were unable to attend
Norman Empson, Tauranga[/quote]Shame Prime Minister, Shame, do you have no shame?